Kimchi lactobacillus (stick type)

Cereal yogurt
2018 April 21
Lactovasillus Plantarum K-1
2018 April 21

Kimchi Lactobacillus (granular stick type)

The guidebook of this product is for foreign buyers and Korean residents abroad.

Super Kimchi-live-lactobacillus (Probiotics, Anaphylaxis, Atopic dermatitis, Rhinitis, Pruritus - END)

Product of Korea’s first and most “Kimchi Lactobacillus”
manufacturer to impress Korean customers

Received an award for Korea Invention Patent Exhibition from the commissioner of the Korean
Intellectual Property Office and as a Korean Small and Medium Sized Firm Special sales event
to commemorate the acquisition of technology innovation award at the Innovative Technology Show !

~ Three stage micro-encapsulated Kimchi Lactobacillus ~

It was produced to induce proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria,
control harmful bacteria, smooth bowel movement activities as well as to help
immune functions through intestinal absorption functions and
nomotopic cell division. It is also a product that is manufactured to help
the eye care of modern people. In addition, it formed mucous membrane of skin
by inducing the formation of connective tissues,
maintenance of functions
and growth of epithelial cells, helped skin health through function maintenance
and helped the body health through protecting cells from harmful oxygen.

(One stick contains daily recommended amount.)

Capability of exterminating and eliminating food poisoning germs and pathogenic microorganisms, which are lactobacillus within the intestinal

***Completed U.S FDA Nutrition Evaluation***

(Awarded an award from the commissioner of the Korean Intellectual
Property Office and an award for innovative technology )

100% functional! Definite functions after 1~2 days of intake
- Strong Kimchi Lactobacillus (contains more than 10 billion per capsule)
* Implementation of quality guarantee system: If there is no experience yellowish golden
excrement such as neonatal bowel movements after taking all products of biorhythm
for 1 ~ 2 days, residuals of completely sealed products may be returned within 10 days
Quickly establishes intestinal tract immunity system to eliminate harmful germs that
cause enteritis and constipation. It also balanced IgE antibody and IgA antibody, etc
within the skin to eliminate itchiness within the skin and removes inflammation.
It then regenerates the cells of lactobacillus, giving them resistance to diseases
and quickly transforms the skin into bright and clear skin.
The more powerful lactobacillus within your intestines, the better.

Mobile counseling for hypersensitive intestines and skin
Within the Cheongju Ochang Science Park : Tel. 010-9025-7710