Brief Profile

Brief profile of researchers

Brief profile of CEO, Jung Yong Hyun

1994, Acquired doctor’s degree in engineering (food engineering) – Industrial Engineer Food Manufacturing & Processing and Engineer Fisheries Processing.
Eight years and six months, Performed tasks as a graduate and instructor at Kunsan Fisheries College, Kunsan National University and National Iri Agricultural College.
Fifteen years, Healthy and Functional Food Company (Suheung Capsule – Kuhnil Pharm – Cell Biotech – Hanmi Natural – Broadcast & Media Technology – Research development, marketing, distribution sales, general management of the food business and currently the CEO of Biorhythm Co., Ltd.
Eleven years, carried out Kimchi Lactobacillus related research, development and projects [department of life science at Soonchunhyang University (university and industry cooperation 2009 ~ 2010) and College of pharmacy at Kyunghee University (university and industry cooperation 2011) and carried out projects, thesis presentation and patents]
Acquired two patent registrations (Kimchi Lactobacillus related), patent application (sixteen International PCT patent, etc)
2011~2014, Member of the evaluation committee for the research project of the Small and Medium Business Administration (KEIT, TIPA, IPET)
2011~2013, Member of the evaluation committee for the research project of the Korea Food & Drug Administration
2012, Direct and indirect application of 17 countries around the world - USA, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burundi, Singapore, Philippines, France, Germany (2011.4.12.) : Oriyen korean kimchi probiotics + Lactobacillus plantarum
Acquired certification as a “excellent bio product” and certification for all 17 products of Biorhythm Co., Ltd.(11-3010-001) – Governor of Chungcheongbuk-do (2012.03.22.)
2012, Completed the 2012 ISO9001 Certification and FDA Safety and Nutrition Evaluation, Awarded for technology innovation (Innobiz)
2012 Korea Invention Patent Exhibition – Awarded by the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (CEO, Jung Yong Hyun)
Carried out functionality, fermentation processing functionality and clinical research development of probiotics lactobacillus with Seoul National University College of Medicine, Food and Nutrition Department of Yuhan University, Veterinary Medicine Department of Chungbuk National University and the Biomedical Science Department of Jungwon University (2013~2015)
Hold an additional position as the head of the business affiliated “Biorhythm biotechnology research institute” (2015.4)

Mentoring of R&D cooperation and technology development for intestinal health and skin treatment

Internist, Han Jong Hak

1998 ~ present
Director of Han Jong Hak Internal Medicine Clinic.
Executive of the Gyeonggi-do Internist Association.
Executive of the Goyang-si Medical Association.
Member of the Nutrition Research Association.
Member of the Lactobacillus Research Association.
Hold various posts in succession of the VHS Medical Center.
Graduated the School of Medicine, Kyunghee University.

Dermatologist, Jung Keum Hui

2015. 07 ~
Current director of a dermatologic clinic.
2014. 02
Acquired dermatologist license.
2014. 02
Finished the course of dermatologist at Catholic University of Korea.
Finished the course of a resident at Catholic University of Korea.

Consultation and Supervision of industry-university cooperation research : Professor Kim Dong Hyun, School of Medicine, Kyunghee University.

1979.02. Graduated School of Medicine, Kyunghee University (Bachelor’s degree in pharmacology).
1982.02. Graduate School of Medicine, Kyunghee University (Master’s degree in pharmacology).
1987.03. (Japan) Graduate school of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Life Science, Graduate School of Toyama (Doctor’s degree in pharmacology).
2007.11. – Current. an active member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology 2007.01. - 2010.12. Vice President of the Korean Society of Ginseng 2003.11. - 2005.12. Dean of the School of Medicine at Kyunghee University 2000.03. - 2001.12. Head of the East-West Pharmaceutical Research Institute at Kyunghee University 2001.01. - 2006.12. Head of the academic Korean Society of Ginseng 2000.01. - 2000.12. Academic director of the Korean Society of Pharmacognosy 1994.01. - 1995.12. Managing editor of the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea 1988.09. - Current. the assistant professor/ associate processor/ professor at Kyunghee University 1987.07. - 1989.02 [Award-winning] Awarded U.S NIH Vising Fellow 2011.10.28. Awarded the 1st GinPIA award (World ginseng science award) 2008/2010/2012.03 Awarded the Kyunghee Fellow of Kyunghee University (Excellent academic terms) 2011.10.20. Awarded hwal myeong su medicine award by the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea 2006.09.06. Received award certificate from Kyunghee University (excellence in scholarship) 200511.20. Awarded scholarship award by the Korean Society of Ginseng 2004.04.28. Awarded thesis award for outstanding science technology (the 3rd) 2000.09.04. Awarded scholarship award for seasoning by Kyunghee University (participation award) 2002.12.06. Awarded outstanding thesis award by the Korean Society of Pharmacognosy 1997.10.23. Awarded the research award by the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea 1993.10.22. Awarded scholarship participation award by the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea
Research Field
Study on physiological role of the digestive canal microbial community and inflammation that arises due to this effect
Study on natural substances and the mechanism of drug efficacy for oriental medicine
Development of functional probiotics
[International Journal]
Joh EH, Kim DH(Corresponding Author). Kalopanaxsaponin A ameliorates experimental colitis in mice by inhibiting IRAK-1 activation in the NF-κB and MAPK pathways. British Journal of Pharmacology. 162: 1731-42 (2011)
Joh EH, Lee IA, Jung IH, Kim DH(Corresponding Author). Ginsenoside Rb1 and its metabolite compound K inhibit IRAK-1 activation-The key step of inflammation. Biochemical Pharmacology. 82:278-86 (2011) SCI(E) 281
[Domestic Journal]
Jang SE, Hyun YJ, Oh YJ, Choi KB, Kim T, Y university IH, Han MJ, Kim DH. (Corresponding Author) Adhesion Activity of Lactobacillus plantarum PM 008 Isolated from Kimchi on the Intestine of Mice. Journal of Bacteriology and Virology. 96 domestic journals aside from 41:83-90 (2011)

Joint supervision of industry-university cooperation research: Professor Yoon Taek Joon of the department of food and nutrition, Yuhan University

Professor of industry-university cooperation: Professor Yoon Young Kul of the department of biomedical science, Jungwon University

Researcher Jeon Jin Woong

2013 ~ 2014
Seoul National University College of Medicine.
2015.07 ~
Currently taking masters and doctor’s course at the biomedical science department at the graduate school of Korea University.
2013.07 ~ Present
Chief researcher of Biorhythm Co., Ltd. – researched separation, identification and function activity of lactobacillus.
Researched the intestinal regulation and immunity regulation of the lactobacillus and animal clinic of probiotics,
Established business based on industry-university research cooperation,
studied intestinal health and skin health. Researched acne cares and related useful microorganisms