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Kimchi Lactobacillus (Bio-capsules)
2018 April 23
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2018 April 21

JangQue ByunQue

Health regained and mystical youth!! Fermentation health
- JangQue ByunQue

The guidebook of this product is for foreign buyers and Korean residents abroad

[Name of material and content]

Kimchi Lactobacillus mix {Lactobacillus kimchi culture [Lactobacillus plantarum,
Lactobacillus casei, Lactococcus lactis,
Kimchi 80.37%, vegetable cream mixed powder 14.36%, maltodextrin, rennet casein powder,
Guar gum powder, kelp powder]}10%, crystal glucose , vegetable cream mix, xylitol powder,
yogurt powder, lemon scent powder, Vitamin C(100%) 4.5%, zinc oxide(78%) 0.40%, powder Vitamin A
(9.7%) 0.15%, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E mixed medicine, Vitamin B1 mix, nicotine acid amide, manganese sulfate etc.

100% functional! Definite functions after 5~7 days of intake

- Lactobacillus that is vibrant with life within small as well as large intestines

Helps you keep a healthy life through Kimchi Lactobacillus, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc and various vitamins

(Product of 1.7g <1 capsule> includes daily recommended amount

* JangQue ByunQue – New product
Lactobacillus for young infants,
Lactobacillus for children at their period of growth,
Lactobacillus for examinees,
Lactobacillus for those who are watching their weight,
Lactobacillus for the health of housewives,
Lactobacillus for office workers,
Lactobacillus for the elders,
Lactobacillus for the elders,

*Biorhythm Co., Ltd., which has won an award from the commissioner of the Korea Intellectual Property Office at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition and award for innovative technology at the Innovative Technology Show, manufactures under the excellent quality control system (ISO9001).

* You will notice a change in bowel movement after one to two days of intake

1. Led by Biorhythm, the company that aims for the world market as a collaborator with Pharmaceutical Science Department, Kyung-hee University.
2. We are given quality management and production collaboration by Outstanding Health-functional-food production Facility(GMP).
3. The research and manufacturing was spearheaded by many Biorhythm expert researchers with PH.D, who are funded by the University.
4. Our product has been produced through an extensive quality management and quality evaluation by facility designated by the FDA(Jung-bu University).
5. The main ingredient of our kimchi has been controlled under Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points(HACCP), striving for the best Korean-produced cabbages.
6. It is an excellent Health-functional-food, with FDA certification and registration.
7. It is a product that has gone through extensive quality evaluation and reached Europe, the home of Nobel Prize for lactobacillus research.
8. Kimchi-lactobacillus contains enzymes produced by lactobacillus and botanical lactobacillus.
9. Produced under ISO9001 Quality Management System, and the main ingredient has been evaluated by the USFDA, and certified as Excellent Bioproduct.

Must we intake lactobacillus?

“Lactobacillus”, which is known to be the secret to healthy long life, controls reproduction of harmful internal bacteria to protect the intestine and it is very important to discharge harmful bacteria and food residues remaining on walls of the large intestine from the body to maintain the immunity level and health within the intestine. Beneficial lactobacillus and harmful bacteria coexist within the intestine. In case of a young infant, lactobacillus within the intestine comes to 90%, however; it only comes to 10% for people over 50 years old. These are the reasons why intake of lactobacillus is a must in keeping a healthy body. :namespace prefix = "o" />

* Vegetable Lactobacillus (from now on)!

Generally, people think of yogurt that is an animal lactobacillus when it comes to “lactobacillus”. However, while animal lactobacillus is relatively nutritious and live in a comfortable environment, Kimchi Lactobacillus is a strong lactobacillus that has been cultivated in kimchi, which is known as a natural antibiotic.
This is the same principle as how vegetables grown in greenhouses and those grown in grass differ greatly in vitality.
Studies have shown that the percentage of vegetable lactobacillus with such strong vitality survive within the intestine by passing stomach acid goes up to 24 times and up to 100 times more than animal lactobacillus.

* Not all Kimchi Lactobacillus are the same.

Most of the existing lactobacillus products are those that have made Kimchi Lactobacillus with imported lactobacillus or easily cultivated sugars.
JangQue ByunQue is premium patent product that has been made by rapidly freezing-drying of fermented “Kimchi” itself containing high quality Kimchi Lactobacillus.
JangQue ByunQue was created by Doctor Jung Yong Hyun, the CEO of Biorhythm Co., Ltd., as a result of research and development for 15 years. In this product, more than 90 million Kimchi Lactobacillus is included in the daily amount of intake and is produced with patented triple coating method. It not only maximizes the survival rate of the stomach acid but also survival within the bile to significantly increase attainment rate within the large intestine.
Since it has processed the kimchi itself, it allows you to intake kimchi yeast and lactobacillus at the same time. This is why it is a 100% domestic premium vegetable lactobacillus that has maximized the proliferation of intestinal lactobacillus better than ever.

* JangQue ByunQue – Biorhythm Co., Ltd.
Biorhythm Co., Ltd. exclusively manufactures “Kimchi Lactobacillus” products within Korea that have been made my processing HACCP certified kimchi itself through cooperation with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) through perfect sanitary facilities, high-tech biotechnology and patent registration (two registered patents: No. 10-0704447, No. 10-0899869) construction method.

As of year 2012, we have and still perform direct and indirect exportation to 17 countries around the world including U.S, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, France and Germany. Recently, we have acquired excellent bio-product certification mark for all 17 Kimchi Lactobacillus products that Biorhythm Co., Ltd. has released (Govenor of Chungbuk: March 2012). Also, we are being realized as Korea’s best quality Kimchi Lactobacillus specializing company worthy of the name.

* What are the reasons for having to intake Kimchi Lactobacillus?

V 100% domestic lactobacillus that is being sold in 17 countries around the world
V Not only does it induce active bowel movement but also allows you to experience gold excrement equivalent to those of young infants
V Vegetable diet Lactobacillus for those who have a hard time in-taking dairy products and where you do not have to worry about calories
V Super Lactobacillus that uses HACCUP certified kimchi as the embryoid and which maximizes its functions when taken with kimchi yeast
V Young lactobacillus that discharges bodily wastes within the large instetine

* The more you take, the better?

In the daily amount of intake of Kimchi Lactobacillus contains 10 billion lactobacilli, so you do not have to increase the amount of intake. However, for powerful bowel movement at the initial stage of intake, it is all right to increase your intake. Since it is the same as eating kimchi itself, the amount does not cause diarrhea even when the amount of intake is increased.

* It is recommended for the following people

V For children who dislike eating kimchi
V Teenager examinees who sit all day long to go to university
V Housewives with lower bellies coming out and rough skin due to abnormal bowel movements
V Office workers that frequently intake alcohol, meat and high fat diet
V Elders who experience abnormal bowel movements due to weakened intestinal functions

* Kimchi Lactobacillus

We produce Korea’s best quality “Kimchi Lactobacillus” products with high-quality raw materials that have been thoroughly inspected, GMP and HACCP certified manufacturing process (conclusion of exclusive contract with HACCP certified kimchi manufacturing factory, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) partner, and functional certification of Korea Good & Drug Administration) and packaging process that comply with safety and freshness.

* U.S FDA Certification – Bio capsule

We produce Korea’s best quality “JangQue ByunQue” products with high-quality raw materials that have been thoroughly inspected, GMP and HACCP certified manufacturing process (conclusion of exclusive contract with HACCP certified kimchi manufacturing factory, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) partner, and functional certification of Korea Good & Drug Administration) and packaging process that comply with safety and freshness.

* It is possible for a person to maintain health just by eating a well-balanced meal, regular exercise and plenty of sleep.
However, modern people lose their biorhythm as well as intestinal rhythm due to their busy lives, irregular and unbalanced diet.
This is why people need to intake healthy lactobacillus in order to regain their healthy biorhythm.
JangQue ByunQue is a good lactobacillus supplement for modern people who wish for a healthy long life.

* Have a hold of two domestic patents relevant to Kimchi Lactobacillus.
We will not demonstrate the excellence of Kimchi Lactobacillus, which has been proven through the experience of performing OEM sales in 17 countries around the world, in Korea.

Daily intake: 1700mg/ capsule * Index component: number of lactobacillus is more than 90,000,000CFU/day, Vitamin A: 230ugRE/day, Vitamin C: 60mg/day, Zinc: 5mg/day

* Numerical value of ( ) is the percentage of the daily nutrient standard

* After a day or two of in-taking this product, you will notice a change in the intestinal environment through an experience of pleasant bowel movement and excretion (gold color) identical to a one year old child.

* 85 million CFU/g of lactobacillus in kimchi
10 billion CFU/g in JanQue ByunQue
Therefore, “Biorhythm Kimchi Lactobacillus” has

1,176 times more lactobacillus than kimchi!

Therefore, if one cabbage of kimchi is seen as 1kg, it is equal to 1 cabbage of kimchi and if it is seen as 500g, it is equal to 2 cabbages of kimchi.

One pack of “Biorhythm JangQue ByunQue” = 2 cabbages of "kimchi available at markets"