Selected as Kimchi Health Food

Kimchi selected as one of the top five health foods in the US

World's healthiest foods

thanks to growing interest in international cuisines, it’s never been easier to locate the ingredients you need to prepare foods of other cultures in your own kitchen. and great news: many of your favorite global ingredients just happen to have great health benefits.
joan raymond has written on health and science for newsweek, health, and other national publications. these recipes are by mark bittman, author of the best recipes in the world and food columnist for the new york times.

spain : olive oil

antioxidant-rich olive oil protects against heart disease.

japan : soy

protein-packed soy is linked to the prevention of cancer and osteoporosis.

greece : yogurt

among yogurt's benefits: enhanced immunity, improved lactose intolerance, and stronger bones.

india : lentils

lentils give you protein, cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, and lots of iron.

korea : kimchi

loaded with key vitamins, kimchi contains healthy bacteria that aids digestion.
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