Lactovasillus Plantarum K-1

Kimchi lactobacillus (stick type)
2018 April 21

Lac K-1 (Lactobacillus Plantarum K-1)

The guidebook of this product is for foreign buyers and Korean residents abroad
Intestinal Health Lactobacillus
Awarded by the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office
at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition, Innobiz.
Special discount for customers to commemorate the acquisition of technology innovation award!

==Product of high quality, high functionality and low price for customers (amount enough to intake for over a year) ==

Lactobacillus product for intestinal health to satisfy customers !

(Positive function for the body or the skin through converting the intestinal environment similar to a newborn by eliminating harmful bacteria within the intestine.)

*** Completed U.S FDA Standard Evaluation***

* Implementation of quality guarantee system :
If there is no experience yellowish golden excrement
such as neonatal bowel movements
after taking
all products of biorhythm for 1 ~ 2 days, residuals of
completely sealed products may be returned within 10 days.

======================Lac K-1 (Lactobacillus Plantarum K-1)======================
(Lac K-1, Lactobacillus Plantarum K-1)

(First of all, inducing conversion of intestinal environment full of powerful lactobacillus induces regulation
of the immune system within the intestine and delivers it to the tissues and skin of the human body.)

Lac K-1 (Lactobacillus Plantarum K-1)

: induces outstanding and fundamental conversion
through clear and clean intestinal environment!

* Target of intake: This product is a product ideal for all mankind,
including pregnant women, infants as well as elders.

Lactobacillus guarantees effect and quality in coping with constipation, enteritis, rhinitis, vaginitis, atopy, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, freckles and ephelis.

Quickly establishes intestinal tract immunity system to eliminate harmful germs that cause enteritis and constipation. It also balanced IgE antibody and IgA antibody, etc within the skin to eliminate itchiness within the skin and removes inflammation. It then regenerates the cells of lactobacillus, giving them resistance to diseases and quickly transforms the skin into bright and clear skin.

The more lactobacillus of our company you take in, the better you will be.

It is better for you to intake more when your intestinal health is critical
The more powerful lactobacillus within your intestines, the better.
Capability of exterminating and eliminating food poisoning germs and
pathogenic microorganisms, which are lactobacillus within the intestinal
[Video academic presentation about vegetable lactobacillus for the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition (reference)]
For those allergic to milk or lactose with sensitive and allergic type skin,
please make your order after making a call to 010-9025-7710 for mobile counseling.

Since our present society is highly hygienically improved than before and since there are not many opportunities for us to be exposed to human inflammations since childhood but rather more chances to be exposed to water pollution, pollution and heavy metal due to the use of pesticides, there are an increasing proportion of people who are suffering from allergies such as hypersensitive reaction of skin, atopy, etc due to such diverse environmental factors.
Since the symptoms of an allergy or an itch is response generated by obvious mismatch of the immune response, about 70~80% are transmitted by IgE type antibodies. IgE antibody usually reacts to parasitological responses and is an immune allergic reaction that is created with non-infectious foreign substances such as pollen, dust, etc. with inflammations.
In Korea, it has been reported that there about 25% of people among ambulatory care patients with various allergic symptoms. The main problem with itching and allergic symptoms is the absence of a fundamental drug for cure. The most well know modality of treatment is steroids. However, when this drug is used for a long time, it may cause side effects such as the demand for excessive use due to resistance, telangiectasia, and suppression of the endocrine system, etc.
About 70% of allergies were food allergies and this was an avoidance method of food allergies. In other words, is uses a lot of methods in limiting allergenic foods but may cause nutrient deficiency problems.
Allergy and hypersensitive reaction of skin usually occurs when the helper T cell (Th cell) that regulates immune response demonstrate dominant tendency in a Th2 form and at the same time is observed to demonstrate regulatory T cell (Treg cell) tendency lower than those who are healthy.
Lactobacillus plantarum K-1 prevents the occurrence of allergies by controlling intestinal immune system modulation, controls inflammation, ease itching to prevent skin bleeding and lowers IgE content to induce a life away from hypersensitive reaction to skin, atopy, allergy, rhinitis, acne, anaphylaxis, seborrheic dermatitis, enteritis, constipation, folliculitis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.
Product of misaligned skin medicinal through high speed intestine health.

Mobile counseling for hypersensitive intestines and skin
Within the Cheongju Ochang Science Park : Tel. 010-9025-7710