Kimchi Lactobacillus (Bio-capsules)

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2018 August 22
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2018 April 21

Kimchi Lactobacillus (Bio-capsule)

The guidebook of this product is for foreign buyers and Korean residents abroad

Special Sales Event
(One pack(1.7g×30 capsules) of Kimchi Lactobacillus is provided for free
when five bottles are purchased: when deposit is made without a bankbook)

Product that has received an award from the commissioner of the Korea Intellectual Property
Office for the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition and award for innovative technology from Innobiz.

Product produced to induce proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria,
l harmful bacteria, smooth bowel movement activities

to help intestine health and immune system of modern people.

*** Completed U.S FDA Nutrition Evaluation ***

[Name of raw material and contents]
- Contents (82.0%): Mixed Kimchi Lactobacillus {Kimchi Lactobacillus culture
(Lactobacillus plantarum 30,000,000,000/g), Lactobacillus casei 30,000,000,000/g,
lactococcus lactis, Kimchi (domestic)80.37%, guar gum, kelp powder,
vegetable cream powder, maltodextrin, rennet casein]} 100%

* Implementation of quality guarantee system: If there is no
experience yellowish golden excrement such as neonatal bowel movements
after taking all products of biorhythm for 1 ~ 2 days,
residuals of completely sealed products may be returned within 10 days

1. Led by Biorhythm, the company that aims for the world market as a collaborator with Pharmaceutical Science Department, Kyung-hee University.
2. We are given quality management and production collaboration by Outstanding Health-functional-food production Facility(GMP).
3. The research and manufacturing was spearheaded by many Biorhythm expert researchers with PH.D, who are funded by the University.
4. Our product has been produced through an extensive quality management and quality evaluation by facility designated by the FDA(Jung-bu University).
5. The main ingredient of our kimchi has been controlled under Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points(HACCP), striving for the best Korean-produced cabbages.
6. It is an excellent Health-functional-food, with FDA certification and registration.
7. It is a product that has gone through extensive quality evaluation and reached Europe, the home of Nobel Prize for lactobacillus research.
8. Kimchi-lactobacillus contains enzymes produced by lactobacillus and botanical lactobacillus.
9. Produced under ISO9001 Quality Management System, and the main ingredient has been evaluated by the USFDA, and certified as Excellent Bioproduct.

After a day or two of in-taking this product, you will notice a change in the intestinal environment through an experience of pleasant bowel movement and excretion (gold color) identical to a one- year-old child.

85 million CFU/g of lactobacillus within the kimchi (Certified Test Report)
10 billion CFU/g in mixed Kimchi Lactobacillus

“Biorhythm Kimchi Lactobacillus” has 11,764 times more lactobacillus than kimchi!

Therefore, if one cabbage of kimchi is seen as 1kg, it is equal to 11 cabbages of kimchi.
If one cabbage of kimchi is seen as 500g, it is equal to 22 cabbages of kimchi.

One pack of “Biorhythm Kimchi Lactobacillus”
= 22 cabbages of kimchi available at markets.

This renewed and upgraded product of high quality, “Kimchi Lactobacillus Bio-capsule” is recommended to take in.
* Recommendation
Those who need help with their intestinal health,
Those who have a hard time with their bowel movement activities,
Lactating pregnant women who have weak bowel movement,
Those with unhealthy intestines due to stress,
Office workers and students who sit for many hours,
Children with weak intestines
Quickly establishes intestinal tract immunity system to eliminate harmful germs that
cause enteritis and constipation. It also balanced IgE antibody and IgA antibody, etc
within the skin to eliminate itchiness within the skin and removes inflammation.
It then regenerates the cells of lactobacillus, giving them resistance to diseases
and quickly transforms the skin into bright and clear skin.
The more powerful lactobacillus within your intestines, the better.

Mobile counseling for hypersensitive intestines and skin
Within the Cheongju Ochang Science Park : Tel. 010-9025-7710

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